Wuz ~dirty old lady~ (soratarou) wrote in myaku_no_shinbi,
Wuz ~dirty old lady~

well now. x3 i think i should introduce myself, too.

ahem. i joined a while ago, but haven't really said anything - well, not at least before kiikaa joined. *gives a quick look to kiikaa.*

anyhoo! i'm 19 yrs old tomboy from finland and i adore kaoru. reallyh! he's talented with the guitar, he writes good songs and not to mention his looks. AND he looks good with the company of die. x3

i've been into jrock about, hmm, almost two years now and mostly i listen to dir en grey and miyavi. and now too l'arc~en~ciel. x3 and tons of other bands and artists, but i guess miyavi and dir en grey are the most precious ones to me. so, without longer babbling, yoroshiku!
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