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Hello there!

Hello! My name is Azumi,I've been looking for a good kaoru community! I'm pretty obsessed with both Kaoru and kyo -_-''' kaoru's just so talented!!! I just need some more Diru MP3 and websites, if anybody here knows any good sites...Please tell me? ^^
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i have alot of dir en grey mp3's i also have there vulgar cd that i need to upload on my compu^^ but if you want any that i have my aim sn it CozmicRio and im online 98% of my time^_~
You could download soulseek (something like winmx and kazaa but much betetr). There you will find lot's of japanese music. And if you do that feel free to download anything from me. My user name there is the same - Kiikaa. Just msg me and I'll let you download right away ^^ *hugs*
Arigato! ^_^